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Planning, Design and Preconstruction


FPM can assist with a project from early evaluation of logistics through the design planning and preconstruction to:

...Andy and his team were very thorough as they planned our budget, managed the construction process and oversaw the actual move...The project was completed on time, on budget and of very high quality.  Overall, a very successful partnership.

Pam Regan, Brandeis University


  • Understand Owner objectives and expectations relative to space, cost, schedule and quality

  • Assist in evaluating logistics and overall plan

  • Review base building design and construction requirements and incorporate into project documents and specifications

  • Perform building due diligence to assess risks; evaluate potential reuse of existing materials

  • Review project-related lease terms, and advise on impact on design and construction



  • Solicit, evaluate and negotiate proposals from design professionals and specialty consultants

  • Facilitate design process meetings; manage process to ensure accurate and timely document development value for Owner

  • Meeting agendas and minutes

  • Define IT, architectural, mechanical and electrical needs

  • Prepare and manage budget incorporating all design and vendor costs projected thru project conclusion

  • Prepare and manage the overall project schedule and include all major project milestone dates from preconstruction thru substantial completion, including owner’s vendors



  • Solicit, evaluate and negotiate proposals from vendors not included with architect’s or general contractors scope including but not limited to audio visual, security, telecommunications, furniture and moving services

  • Solicit proposals, evaluate, select and negotiate the contract with the general contractor with terms to protect the Owner and ultimately result in cost savings

  • Review and evaluate subcontractor pricing and ensure pricing is competitive, complete, and coordinated with the drawings and specifications

  • Review and evaluate subcontractor qualifications, staffing availabilities and financial stability

  • Assist contractors with understanding local, state and federal permitting processes and obtaining necessary permits for project implementation

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